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For women in developing countries, ethically produced coffee can change everything.

If the gender inequality gap closed, women could increase farm yields by 20-30%.

That's 30 billion cups of coffee...

and millions of lives impacted.

70% of labour in coffee production is provided by women, and yet,

there are measurable gender inequalities in economic outcomes,

including yields, productivity and farm income.

Women consistently have less access to resources, land, credit, and knowledge, than men. We are here to empower them by providing access to resources, education, and income.

Empowering women through coffee production:

it changes everything.


We are able to increase farmers household income. This helps pay for healthcare, food, and school fees.


We provide our farmers with a market. Providing security and assurance they have a place to sell their beans.


By contributing knowledge and money to the household,  farmers gain power and influence within the family. 

Here are three ways you can help.

Give $10 and change someone' s life.

Purchase Kyaffe Farmers Coffee.

Get involved in one of our projects.

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