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COFFEE for education

We are currently fundraising to kickstart our school program. This program will provide scholastic materials for children, classroom supplies, and salary for vulnerable teachers. Please visit our Donate page under "more" to learn about our campaign!



Women consistently face gender inequality within the coffee industry. We're here to change that. Here's how.


Purchasing organic coffee from our farmers at fair prices.

By purchasing at fair trade prices, women are paid over 2 dollars more per kilogram of coffee.  Ultimately, this gives them financial power in their coffee business and allows them to pay their childrens school fees, buy more nutritious food for their families, and secure better healthcare. Women contributing to the family closes the gender inequality gap.

Providing training

about coffee value and supply chain.

These trainings help women understand the value of the coffee that they grow. Women do not have the knowledge or the exposure to the market that men do. Trainings teach women where to find value addition machinery and the impact that adding value to their coffee

can have.

Supporting the entrepreneurial pursuits of our women.

We offer training on income generating activities that improve the  lives of women and families in our community. Small enterprises, such as soap-making and coffee briquettes,
provide extra income and foster leadership qualities among the women. Our farmers also take lead as tour guides on our coffee tours. These initiatives instill confidence in the local women and confront patriarchal ideas about gender norms.

Impacting all lives - not only women's - is important to us. How else do we help?

And, of course, our coffee farmers help us to produce the finest organic coffee in Uganda.


Live in Germany? We have an online purchasing option for you!

The Annual Farmers Marathon

Every year, Kyaffe Farmers Coffee hosts a Farmers Marathon in our local villages. It is a grassroots event that is meant to alleviate hunger in our community by fundraising a small amount of money for the organization, engaging with farmers about agricultural services, giving out farming prices to the winners, and bringing everyone together for a fun event.


This year, we were able to supply school supplies to the children that participated in the race. We also gifted fertilizer sprayers to our three fastest runners.


The race started in Kabira Village and went through Bombo and Nyondo village as well.

“Quality coffee that gives me a great start to my day. Plus, I love that it supports local farmers and empowers women.” 


—  Camilla Jensen, Marketing Adviser at the Social Innovation Academy


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