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Project Goals for 2020

We're young, but we have big plans for the future. Take a look at what we plan to accomplish in 2020.


drying racks


To meet industry standards, we will dry all of the coffee cherries that we buy from our farmers. In order to do so, we need to build drying racks next to our facilities. These racks will ensure that our coffee is of the highest quality.

Storage facility


To ensure the safety of our coffee, we will need a storage facility. This storage facility will be necessary in order to keep our beans safe from thieves, rainy weather, and insects.  We would like to build the storage facility right next to the organization and our future drying racks!

UNBS License


In order to sell in supermarkets across Uganda, we need to acquire the UNBS License. This is an intense process that confirms our product meets industry standards. Unfortunately, the process is expensive and is currently preventing us from expanding our business.

Company Van


As we expand, we will need a vehicle to pickup coffee from our farmers and to transport our packaged product across Uganda. With a company vehicle, we will be able to impact more farmers, and reach more cities and villages than ever before. 

Current projects

The Annual Farmers Marathon

Every year, Kyaffe Farmers Coffee hosts a Farmers Marathon in our local villages. It is a grassroots event that is meant to alleviate hunger in our community by fundraising a small amount of money for the organization, engaging with farmers about agricultural services, giving out farming prices to the winners, and bringing everyone together for a fun event.


This year, we were able to supply school supplies to the children that participated in the race. We also gifted fertilizer sprayers to our three fastest runners.


The race started in Kabira Village and went through Bombo and Nyondo village as well.

Village Savings and Loan Groups

Upon our arrival in Nyondo village, we have established three Village Savings and Loans Groups (VSLAs). Each group is made up of 30 women who participate in saving every Saturday.

VSLAs are extremely beneficial for villagers who may not have the financial tools to save their money at a corporate bank. VSLAs reduce the barriers to saving and taking out loans by having an extremely low interest rate on loans (4% per month). Interest that is accumulated goes back into the total savings of the group. 

These groups empower our women to manage their own financials, instead of their husband. It also teaches them budgeting, financial literacy, and goal setting for the future.

Coffee Briquette Project

The coffee briquette project is a women-run enterprise that teaches women how to create briquettes from coffee residue. The briquettes provide women with a sustainable source of fuel for cooking.

Coffee briquettes are much more environmentally friendly than their alternative, charcoal, as they do not produce soot and they are created with coffee residue, rather than cutting down trees or destroying natural resources.

The coffee briquette project has provided women in the community with additional revenue. Not only do they no longer need to buy charcoal, but they are also able to make briquettes to sell within the community. This boost in their income helps them pay for school fees, food, and medicine.

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