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Our projects would not be possible without the help of our incredible supporters. If you feel inclined, we would graciously accept any contribution you can make towards our goal to empower women and children.

For this festive season, we are creating a fundraising campaign, Coffee for a Better Education. We are raising money to help underprivileged children in Uganda who have been affected by the pandemic. Children in rural communities have been left with poor educational support, and we want to raise money for our school program, supporting access to recruitment of qualified teachers and access to scholastic materials. 

$35 provides basic school materials for one child for a whole school term. $3500 will go towards scholastic materials such as books, pencils, brooms, shoes, uniform, and will send 100 vulnerable children to school. $350 per term is 3 months salary for a vulnerable teacher who has spent the last two years without pay. $3500 will keep 10 teachers at work for a whole term. Each dollar counts: $117 will sustain a teacher per month with good payment to help educate 350 children.

For this fundraiser, we will be thanking our donors through the contribution of gifts. For every $20 raised, we will gift a pair of earrings hand crafted by women  made of banana fibre.  For every $50, we will gift a bag of our coffee, and for every $100 donation or more we will gift coffee and earrings. All gifts will be mailed by the holiday season in December, so please do not forget to fill in your contact information.

Click below to access our campaign on Donorbox. Thank you for your support!

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